Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Take Back Your Email

Hello everyone. We are very excited that CatalystOffice is finally live. I am glad that bloggers like Ramon Ray at are commenting that CatalystOffice can help small-business owners maximize their productivity for minimal cost or tech issues.

Since CatalystOffice does some unique things with email, I wanted to share some thoughts about how powerful some robust email capabilities can be for a small business.

First of all, to project a professional and “big” image you really need an email domain of your own-, not A lot of businesses get that. But you also need an email address that’s not tied to an individual person. Very few of us have made it that far, living in the Microsoft world.

But with CatalystOffice, it’s a different world. Here’s what I mean:

Mary is the president of a 6-person travel agency. She often competes with the larger travel franchises for corporate business (and often loses!) Then she sets up a profile in CatalystOffice that both she and her business partner can access. Now her corporate clients send RFP requests to and they send service questions to No one needs to know that these emails are actually going to Mary and her single business partner at a tiny travel agency! And both of them can respond to these emails without having to change their account settings 3 or 4 times a day. Better yet, each can tell whether a reply has been sent by the other.

For a small business, that’s just one way to save time and play big.

If you’re interested in trialing CatalystOffice for yourself, visit And if you have questions or comments, or just need help, just leave a comment below. I would be happy to walk you through it.



chris said...

Hello, we were unable to get the website to load

Dagny said...

Hi Chris,

I didn't have any issues getting to It's possible that their hosting provider was doing maintenance - very common the night before Thanksgiving.

Alex said...

My friend has been working with outlook emails for long time. But couple days ago I had an accident, my emails had been lost and no one knew how. I by chance found out - how to recover .pst file. It helped me quite easy. And my friend says that he has never seen like software.